My Uni Life

IUA & RTE 5-Part Documentary Series - Watch it back on the RTE PLAYER

Irish Universities continue to strive to ensure that the student body of their campuses are a reflection of the rich diversity in Irish society.

In “My Uni Life” we meet 7 students at various stages of their university journey who all share one common experience: getting to and through university despite personal challenges. They represent just 7 out of thousands of students each year whose desire for third level education is facilitated and supported by the Access and Disability programmes run by IUA Universities.  Their stories are positive and uplifting.

Filmed by New Decade throughout this unprecedented year for Irish universities and the educational system, this series provides a unique and emotional window into the lives of our young, and not-so-young students, as they grapple with remote learning, zoom lectures, exam and course confusion, and the bizarre new-normal of online graduations during a global pandemic.

This five-part documentary series tells the life stories of this diverse range of students and looks at the positives, negatives, challenges and frustrations on the ground reflecting the living, breathing reality of life for those from under-represented groups.  We will witness a year like no other for our class of 2020 as they give us a glimpse of their Uni life.

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Our Documentary Participants

Cathal Blake

Name and Title: Cathal Blake
Dublin City University

Alpha Ike

Name and Title: Alpha Ike
Maynooth University

Roisin Farragher

Name and Title: Roisin Farragher
NUI Galway

Courtney McGrath

Name and Title: Courtney McGrath
Trinity College Dublin

Chrisdina O'Neill

Name and Title: Chrisdina O'Neill
University College Cork

Adam Freegrove

Name and Title: Adam Freegrove
University College Dublin

Shaun Fogarty

Name and Title: Shaun Fogarty
University of Limerick

Access and Disability Champions

Holly Farrell

Name and Title: Holly Farrell
Dublin City University

Iqura Nasseem

Name and Title: Iqura Nasseem
Maynooth University

Owen Ward

Name and Title: Owen Ward
NUI Galway

Mary Geraghty

Name and Title: Mary Geraghty
Trinity College Dublin

Cormac Gilnagh

Name and Title: Cormac Gilnagh
University College Dublin

Denise Kelleher

Name and Title: Denise Kelleher
University College Cork

Donnah Sibanda Vuma

Name and Title: Donnah Sibanda Vuma
University of Limerick

Sean O'Riordan

Name and Title: Sean O'Riordan
University College Cork