Researcher Salary Scales & Career Framework

There is general acknowledgment that human capital is a critical factor in reaping economic and social rewards from investment in research. While much progress has been made in improving the output and quality of our human capital in this space, there are important structural deficiencies.

Researcher Career Framework

IUA has taken the initiative to bring forward a national framework to support the achievement of the national policy objective to optimise the impact of the human capital developed in our research system, and is the basis for the Innovation 2020 Action (No. 3.10), to “Develop a coherent national policy on structured progression for researchers”.

What effect will the Researcher Careers Framework have when implemented?

  • It will enhance the mobility of researchers for a variety of careers in the public and private sector in research and non-research roles.
  • It will provide consistent Terms and Conditions for research across the system independent of source of funding.
  • It will enable the achievement of Innovation 2020 and European Research Area (ERA) goals for researchers in Ireland.

University Research Salary Scales/Guidelines

The IUA Researcher Salary Guidelines provide guidelines to universities when hiring researchers. It is important to stress that they are not compulsory and have no legal basis.

The categories were developed in conjunction with universities’ policy on researcher careers. They have been adopted as guidelines by most national agencies in their funding programmes. They take cognisance of national wage and pension developments in the context of the public sector.