How we work

The IUA is governed by a Council/Board of Directors made up of the Presidents of its member universities.
Our activities are run through a network of committees and working groups as follows:

IUA Council

IUA Council

Chair: Prof Mark Rogers, President, University College Dublin


  • Prof Daire Keogh, President, Dublin City University
  • Prof Eeva Leoninan, President, Maynooth University
  • Prof Ciarán O’hÓgartaigh, President, University of Galway
  • Prof Linda Doyle Provost, Trinity College Dublin
  • Prof David FitzPatrick, President, TU Dublin
  • Prof John O’Halloran, President, University College Cork
  • Prof Kirsten Mey, Interim President, University of Limerick

Supported by: Jim Miley, IUA Director General –

Standing Groups

University Chief Finance Officers

Chair: Mr. David Kelly, Acting Vice President for Finance/Bursar, UCD


  • Mr. Ciaran McGivern, Director of Finance, DCU
  • Dr. Mike O’Malley, Bursar & Secretary, MU
  • Helen Maher  Vice-President for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, University of Galway
  • Mr. Peter Reynolds, Interim Chief Financial Officer, TCD
  • Denis Murphy, Chief Operations Officer, TU Dublin
  • Mr. Diarmuid Collins, Finance Officer, UCC
  • Mr. John Field, Director of Finance, UL

Supported by: Michael Casey, IUA Director of Finance & Operations


Chair: Prof. Barbara Dooley, Acting Registrar, Deputy President and VP for Academic Affairs, UCD


  • Prof. Lisa Looney, Registrar, DCU
  • Prof. Aidan Mulkeen, Vice President Academic, Registrar & Deputy President, MU
  • Prof. Pól Ó Doghartaigh, Registrar & Deputy President, University of Galway
  • Prof. Orla Sheils, Vice Provost/Chief Academic Officer, TCD
  • Dr. Mary Meaney, Registrar and Deputy President, TU Dublin
  • Prof Shane Kilcommins, Provost & Deputy President, UL
  • Prof Stephen Byrne,  Registrar, UCC
  • Dr. Patrick O’Leary, Registrar, NUI

Supported by: Lewis Purser, IUA Director of Academic Affairs, Learning & Teaching

VP/Deans of Research

Chair: Prof. Orla Feely, Vice President for Research, Innovation & Impact, UCD


  • Prof. Greg Hughes, Vice President for Research & Innovation, DCU
  • Prof. Ray O’Neill, Vice President for Research & Innovation, MU
  • Prof Jim Livesey, Vice President for Research & Innovation, University of Galway
  • Prof. Wolfgang Schmitt, Dean of Research, Trinity College Dublin
  • Brian O’Neill, Director of Research, TU Dublin
  • Prof. John Cyran, Vice President for Research & Innovation, UCC
  • Prof. Noralee Kennedy,  VP for Research, UL

Supported by: Dr Lisa Keating, IUA Director of Research & Innovation


Chair: Mr Cameron Murrell, Director of Governance, UCD


  • Dr. Declan Raftery, Chief Operations Officer, DCU
  • Dr. Mike O’Malley, Bursar & Secretary, MU
  • Ms Caroline Loughnane, Secretary for Governance and Academic Affairs, University of Galway
  • Mr. John Coman, Secretary to the College, TCD
  • Bronagh Elliott, Secretary Financial Controller, TU Dublin
  • Ms. Nora Geary, Corporate Secretary UCC
  • Mr. John J. Kelly, Corporate Secretary, UL

Supported by: Aidan Mullany, IUA Asst. Director Finance & Ops and Head of Governance

HR Directors

Chair: Mr. Tristan Aitken, Director of Human Resources, UCD


  • Ms. Marian Burns, Director of Human Resources, DCU
  • Ms. Peter Miller, Director of Human Resources, MU
  • Ms. Josephine Hynes, Director of Human Resources, University of Galway
  • Ms. Antoinette Quinn, Director of Human Resources, TCD
  • Mary Malone, Head of Human Resources, TU Dublin
  • Mr. Barry O’Brien, Human Resource Director, UCC
  • Bobby O’Connor, Director of Human Resources, UL

Supported by:
Tony McMahon, IUA Associate Director HR & EDI 
Jim Miley, IUA Director General –

VP Global

Chair: Dolores O’Riordan, Vice-President for Global Engagement School of Agriculture and Food Science, UCD

  • Laura Mahoney, Executive Director of Engagement, DCU
  • Aidan Mulkeen, Vice-President Academic, Registrar and Deputy President, Maynooth University
  • Becky Whay, Vice President International, University of Galway
  • Emma Stokes, Vice President for Global Engagement, TCD
  • Thomas Stone, Vice President of Partnerships, TU Dublin
  • Stephen Byrne, Interim Registrar, UCC
  • Nigel Healey, Vice President for Global and Community Engagement , UL

Supported by: Jennifer Cleary, IUA Head of International Affairs and HR Manager

VPs for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Chair: Prof. Colin Scott, Vice President for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, UCD


  • Prof Anne Sinnott, Deputy President & Vice-President,  Diversity and Equality, DCU
  • Dr. Gemma Irvine, Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Maynooth University
  • Prof Pol O’ Dochartaigh, Deputy President and Registrar, University of Galway
  • Prof Lorraine Leeson, Associate Vice-Provost for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, TCD
  • Prof Yvonne Galligan, Director Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, TU Dublin
  • Dr. Avril Hutch, Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, UCC
  • Dr. Marie Connolly, Director of Human Rights, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, UL

Supported by: Tony McMahon, IUA Associate Director HR & EDI

Communications /Public Affairs/ Marketing Directors

Chair: Eilis O’Brien, Director of Communication and Marketing, UCD


  • Celine Crawford, Director of Communications, DCU
  • Rebecca Doolin, Director of External Relations, MU
  • Niamh Connolly, Head of Communications, MU
  • Ed Carty, Acting Director of Marketing and Communications, University of Galway
  • Tom Molloy, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, TCD
  • Lisa Saputo, Communications Manager, TU Dublin
  • Eoin Hahessy, Head of Media and Communications, UCC
  • Laura Ryan, Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs, UL
  • Sheena Doyle, Head of External Communications, UL

Supported by: Lia Sullivan, IUA Head of Communications

Sub Committees & Working Groups (WG)

Finance and Funding

  • Finance Managers Group
  • Pensions WG
  • Full Economic Costing (FEC) Managers Group
  • Research Accountants Group
  • Data Improvement Project WG

Academic Affairs

  • Enhancing Digital Teaching & Learning Steering Group
  • MicroCreds Project Steering & Enterprise Engagement Groups
  • Recognition of Prior Learning Steering & Working Groups
  • Quality Officers Group
  • Admissions Officers
  • Deans of Graduate Studies
  • Heads of Nursing & Midwifery


  • Research Officers
  • Research Integrity Forum – Community of Practice


  • Campus Engage Steering Group
  • Engaged Research WG
  • Student Volunteering WG
  • Impact WG
  • Community Based Learning and Teaching WG


  • International Directors Group
  • Outward Mobility Working Group
  • International Education Mark Working Group

Human Resources

  • Employee Relations
  • HR Recruitment
  • Irish Universities Training Network


  • Access Steering Group
  • DARE/HEAR Practitioners Subgroup
  • Further Education Progression Subgroup

Governance & Key Support Services

  • Sustainability Working Group
  • Librarians Group
  • Legal Services WG
  • ICT Directors Group
  • Universities Internal Audit Group

External Representation

  • European Universities Association Council
  • National Skills Council
  • Steering & Working Groups
  • Irish Universities Students Services Network
  • Ibec Labour Skills Forum
  • RFAM Implementation Group
  • DFHERIS Student Accommodation Working Group
  • IDA Ireland Technology Talent Forum
  • DFHERIS Internationalization High Level Group
  • DFHERIS National Access Plan Advisory Group
  • Ibec Innovation Policy Committee
  • Horizon Europe High Level Group
  • National Open Research Framework Steering Group
  • National Research Integrity Steering Group
  • Advisory Forum for the National Framework for Doctoral Education
  • British-Irish Chamber’s Higher Education & Research Group
  • Enterprise Ireland’s Industrial Research & Commercialisation Committee
  • National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
  • National Access Plan Advisory Group