Universities Impact | April – June 2019

From April – June 2019 the seven universities through IUA ran a social media campaign to publicise the findings of the Indecon Independent Assessment of the Economic and Social Impact of the universities in Ireland.

For the first time ever the full impact of the 7 IUA universities on the economy and society as a whole had been measured. The report found that our universities deliver for Ireland, producing the talent and creativity that drives economic growth and contributing a staggering €8.9bn a year to the economy.

Save Our Spark | Oct – Dec 2018

From October-December 2018 Ireland’s seven universities ran a major campaign aimed at encouraging the public to demand that the Government tackles the funding crisis in third level education. State funding per third level student in Ireland at €5,000 is barely half of what it was a decade ago and a fraction of what it is in other similar-sized European countries.  IUA developed the Save Our Spark campaign following more than two years of inaction after the publication of the Cassells Report in which meaningful funding reform for higher education was recommended by a Government-appointed expert group.

IUA’s Head of Communications is Lia O’Sullivan