EU Students

Information and opportunities for EU Students in Irish universities

With all IUA Universities ranked in the top 3% of institutions worldwide, you can be sure of a world-class educational experience.  

Our universities, with their dedicated and highly qualified staff, have a long history of educating students to the highest internationally recognised standards.  From energy filled lecture theatres to the state-of-the-art laboratories, well-resourced libraries and exciting campuses the Irish university experience is something to savour. There is a magnetic energy around the Irish universities that draws students from all over the world. Now wonder there are now currently over 30,000 international students studying in Ireland availing of the extensive range of courses available.

Many international students have such a positive undergraduate experience they return again to study Masters, PhD’s or continue with their research. Other continue on to work in one of the many multinational companies (e.g. Google, Facebook, Intel, HP, Boston Scientific) based in Ireland that have internships for students and a range of job opportunities available for graduates of Irish universities. Dedicate careers officers in each of our member universities are available to help guide students on their post-graduation path, whether that’s through assisting with recruitment processes, hosting job fairs or pointing graduates towards job opportunities.

Applying to university

Students interested in applying for an undergraduate programme can do so directly through the Central Applications Office, CAO.

For students interested in postgraduate studies at Masters and PhD level you must apply directly to your university of choice.

More information is available from Education in Ireland and if you have a specific question please contact the relevant university directly.

IUA’s Head of International Affairs is Jennifer Cleary.