Chrisdina O’Neill – University College Cork

Course: BA History & English; Professional Master of Education

From: Charleville, Cork

Chrisdina O'Neill

Chrisdina O’Neill

Chrisdina O’Neill is studying for her Masters in Education at University College Cork. Extremely proud of her Traveller identity, Chrisdina has dreamed of becoming a teacher for as long as she can remember, and her intense hard work and dedication is starting to pay off as we see her takes on her first teaching placement in Co Cork. Her passion for the profession is captured through emotional exchanges with her colleagues and advisors as she battles stereotypes and potential career-making decisions upon final exams and graduation – can she remain true to her Traveller and family origins AND do the job she loves?

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“Taking part in the documentary has meant a lot to me as it was initially a very daunting prospect but after considering it I then knew that it would be for the betterment of the Traveller community. Getting to share my experience of university was so important to break down the barriers and stigma around university within marginalized communities. ”

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Access services enable students to enter through the gates of University and engage in all aspects of University life.   This documentary will share inspiring stories of resilient, determined, talented students who have unlocked their potential as a result of accessing third level education.  These stories will encourage and enthuse parent, teachers, and significant adults across the country to nurture the potential of our future students and encourage them to dream big!”

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