Denise Kelleher – University College Cork

Course: International Development

From: Mayfield, Cork

Denise Kelleher

Denise Kelleher is 18 years old and has just entered her first year in UCC. She’s studying international development, something she has always been interested in but particularly after a trip to Kolkata with the Hope Foundation in January. It was then that she was inspired to do the course after seeing the impact of their amazing work.  She describes her journey into UCC as being exciting and new.  Since her first year began it has been fully online but despite that she still loves learning about the interesting subjects in her course. She hasn’t sat in a classroom since March and hopes in a few weeks she might get the opportunity to have some face to face lectures.



“Appearing in My Uni Life was a great experience and it was great to show that no matter your background university is for everyone. It was also good to give my mam and dad a shout-out for pushing me to do my best in school and them making me do stuff like the UCCplus homework! Without their support and extra push I would have never carried on my education.”

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Access services enable students to enter through the gates of University and engage in all aspects of University life.   This documentary will share inspiring stories of resilient, determined, talented students who have unlocked their potential as a result of accessing third level education.  These stories will encourage and enthuse parent, teachers, and significant adults across the country to nurture the potential of our future students and encourage them to dream big!”

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