Campus Engage

Campus Engage is a a Network of 23 HEIs in Ireland working together to enhance community engagement with local, regional and national community-based organisations.

Steering Committee participating HEI’s include:

DCU, NUI Galway, Maynooth University, UCC, UCD, Trinity, UL, DIT

Please visit the official Campus Engage website to access detailed information on capacity building services and resources, including how to guides, case studies, a resource database etc. 

Launch of the Campus Engage Charter for Civic and Community Engagement June 2014

Launch of the Campus Engage Charter for Civic and Community Engagement June 2014









Campus Engage Defines Civic and community engagement as….

“A mutually beneficial knowledge-based collaboration between the higher education institution with the wider community, through community-campus partnerships including the activities of:

The Steering Committee are currently focused on four cost-effective shared areas of work, each driven by a Campus Engage working groups.

Core project work packages: 

  1. Building a national framework for measuring and evaluating civic and community engagement
  2. Integrating community-based learning into mainstream teaching and learning activities
  3. Leading the development of the website & data management system
  4. Developing and promoting community-engaged research in Ireland.


It’s national and EU Policy…

The growing value placed on higher education engagement with wider society in research and innovation, teaching and learning, access, and international development is evident from HEI’s individual strategy statements, national and EU policy including: the Higher Education Strategy 2030, Higher Education System Performance Framework, National Skills Strategy 2025, Innovation 2020; and IRC, SFI, HRB, NFETL and EU H2020, (Pillar 3 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie) funding calls.

HEA System Performance Framework and local Compacts now require HEIs to develop an evidence-base for strategic performance management, with qualitative and quantitative indicators in the field of civic, community and industry engagement, both at institutional and sectoral levels.

It’s good for Students…

  • Graduates get high value ‘work ready’ skills – practical experience
  • Graduates solve real social issues with and for civic society
  • Increased graduate social capital to access employment opportunities
  • Positive effect on student well-being
  • Positive effects on student learning and retention
  • Leads to more diverse student population.

It’s good for Staff…..

  • Increases community-based research and community-based learning modules and projects
  • Increases Irish knowledge-base on what works in the field
  • Award and recognition incentives for staff
  • Strong leadership for community engagement on and off campus.

It’s good for communities…..

  • HEI’s work in partnership with civic society in solving big social issues: ageing, environment, health, youth unemployment, food for all…
  • Students arrive prepared to work in, and understanding facets of community and industry services
  • Greater public involvement in community service
  • Co-creation of innovative community services and policy – community-based research evidence and community need.


Kate Morris, National Co-ordinator of Campus Engage

For more information please contact:
Kate Morris, National Co-ordinator of Campus Engage,