Knowledge Transfer Ireland invites call for consultation on The National IP Protocol

13 November 2014: Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI) has issued an open call for comments on The National IP Protocol entitled “Putting public research to work for Ireland” and its implementation in practice. The Protocol can be found at

Issuing the call, Dr. Campbell said: “Having operated under the Protocol’s guidance and mandate for the last two and a half years, it is now appropriate that we look at how it is working in practice. The Protocol was intended as a living document and KTI (the central Technology Transfer Office as envisaged at that time) was given responsibility to review and update it. The intention is not to replicate the good work done and the investment of time by the Intellectual Property Implementation Group members to produce the Protocol but instead to understand any key issues that have arisen as it is implemented in practice.”

The Protocol deals primarily with collaborative research, where industry and Research Performing Organisation’s work together and, in particular, where industry and the State share the cost of the research. It also deals with industry access to the results of research that is 100% State-funded and contract research where industry pays the full cost of the research it commissions.

“We welcome views from right across the innovation ecosystem. We want to know what challenges you see and what recommendations you have to improve it. Our goal is to foster greater economic growth in Ireland.” said Dr. Alison Campbell, Director of KTI.

Contributions will feed directly into the research already undertaken at KTI, who intend to produce a white paper, making recommendations for change to the Protocol, for the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation by the end of Q1 2015.

Comments and recommendations on the Protocol and its implementation should be sent to: using the email subject: IP Protocol before the deadline of 28th November 2014.


For more information please contact:
Seamus Coogan, Enterprise Ireland , Tel: +353 (0)1 727 2714 

About Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI)

KTI is the State-funded central knowledge transfer office operated by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with the Irish Universities Association. KTI’s role is to actively support the commercialisation of State-funded research. Its mission is to support business, the public sector and the research base to maximise State-funded research by exchanging knowledge and transferring technology, ideas and expertise into the hands of business and the public sector swiftly and easily for the benefit of the economy and society.

KTI also works with the technology transfer / industry liaison offices to build and strengthen the knowledge transfer system at Ireland’s research performing organisations through the State-funded programme Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative 2 (TTSI2, 2013-2016).