Mature Students

The universities all encompass diverse student populations and actively encourage applications from mature candidates. Mature students are those aged 23 years or above on 1st January in the year of entry.

Mature students have a wealth of knowledge and experience with which they make a valuable contribution to the classroom and the broader life of the university. All Irish universities embrace the ethos of lifelong learning and are committed to the objective of increasing participation by adult learners. Irish universities are committed to expanding capacity to drive adult (25-64) lifelong learning in Ireland from the current 6.5% to the EU average of 10.7% by 2030. This requires substantial structural adjustment and resources right across the university system.

In all cases, mature students who wish to apply to an Irish university should contact the Admissions Office or Mature Student Officer of that university well in advance of application closing dates. For detailed information regarding mature student entry routes, please visit the admissions pages of the individual university websites here:


MU –

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