University Research Activity

In 1981 the international impact of research carried out in Irish universities ranked with that of Bangladesh. Then we were at 65% of the world average and by 2010 we had moved to 20% above this figure. We are now ranked 20th in the world on a par with countries including Australia and France.

Research Activity

Research in the universities is a core activity integrated with Learning & Teaching and Knowledge Transfer. It is essential to understand that these activities are not separate but inextricably linked. Research in the universities improves the quality of education for all students; develops highly educated/trained PhD graduates; creates new knowledge to address economic and social issues.

The research leaders are academics whose role is a combination of Teaching, Research and Knowledge Transfer. There are no restrictions on the type of research carried out and across the seven universities all disciplines are well covered. The ability to carry out research is only limited by the funding available through institutional, national and international sources.

The details of research in the seven universities can be accessed through:

The breadth and depth of university research activity can be seen through the wide range of areas funded by our two major funding programmes, Science Foundation Ireland and the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions.