MSCA Individual Fellowships-Irish Non-Academic Host Institutions

The list below provides the Expressions of Interests of the Irish non-academic organisations looking to host an experienced researcher via funding through Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships deadline September 12th 2018.

If you are a non-academic organisation looking to host an experienced researcher via MSCA-IF please download the Non-academic-Expression-of-Interest-Template.docx (148 downloads) .  Return it in PDF format before the 1st of June to


Company/Organisation LIF ENV SOC ENG ECO PHY MAT CHE
Westway-Health.pdf (152 downloads)


Sanmina.pdf (166 downloads)  x      x        
Dolmen-Design-Innovation-1.pdf (162 downloads)      x  x        
P4ML-.pdf (102 downloads)  x              
Metabolomic-Diagnostics.pdf (103 downloads)  x              x
APC-Ltd.pdf (96 downloads)  x              x
Childhood-Development-Initiative.pdf (85 downloads)      x          

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