Campus Engage & IRC Brokerage Event to match Researchers with CSOs to develop Research Partnerships with Societal Impact

Irish University Researchers Working with the Public to Address our Greatest Societal Challenges

 On Monday, 27 May, 2019, Campus Engage and the Irish Research Council will bring together civic, civil society organisations, researchers, social entrepreneurs, Government Department officials and funding agencies to discuss how we can better work together to address some of our greatest societal challenges, including cancer diagnostics; housing crisis; ageing demographics; climate action.

The meeting will be framed around Ireland’s UN Sustainable Development Goals Implementation Plan; and how we better utilise existing infrastructure to maximise impacts from public investment in research, to make real effect in the day to day lives of all people.

Participants at the event will have the opportunity to share insights, learn about national and European Commission funding opportunities, and network with researchers, policy makers, civil and civic society organisations (CSOs) and social enterprises to investigate potential engaged research partnerships.

Campus Engage, based at the IUA advocates that when researchers work with research stakeholders, such as patients or people directly affected by the housing crisis, this maximises the potential use of research in real world settings and provides a better return on public research investment.  It improves the quality and efficiency of research, making it real-world ready; and avoids duplication of effort and investment.


For more information contact: Kate Morris,, 086 8166490