31.03.22 Irish Universities launch applications for new senior academic posts under Cycle 2 of the Senior Academic Leadership Initiative

The Irish Universities Association is pleased to announce the opening of applications for new senior academic positions funded under the Senior Academic Leadership Initiative (SALI). These posts were approved under the second cycle of the SALI scheme, and bring the total number of posts awarded under the initiative to date to thirty.

Tony McMahon, Associate Director for HR and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the Irish Universities Association stressed the importance of SALI in bringing about sustainable organisational change in higher education saying, “The underrepresentation of women in our most senior academic positions is one of the most significant issues in Higher Education, and is symbolic of gender inequality in our institutions. The roll out of this second cycle of the SALI scheme represents a unique/major commitment on the part of all stakeholders to accelerate the pace with which we address this issue.”

Ireland recognises that in order for HEIs to perform to their full potential, they need to address the persistent under-representation of women at senior academic levels and increase the numbers of women involved in decision-making processes in the institution.

These posts, at the most senior levels in our academic career structures, will be filled though rigorous international recruitment to find stellar candidates who will inspire the next generation of talent. Measures that enable women to achieve the top academic grade will establish a larger cohort of visible women academic leaders and this role model effect will help to establish a stronger pipeline of talented women towards senior leadership in higher education.

List of posts approved under SALI

Institution Post title
DUBLIN CITY UNIVERSITY Full Professor in Sustainable Finance
MAYNOOTH UNIVERSITY Professor of Intersectional Humanities
MAYNOOTH UNIVERSITY Professor of Observational Astrophysics or Cosmology
NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND, GALWAY Established Professor of Chemistry
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CORK Professor of Quantum Technology
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Engineering
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN Full Professor of Sustainability Geoscience
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN Full Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology*
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN Full Professor in Sustainable Development*
UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK Chair of Biochemical Engineering
UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK Chair of Digital Engineering


*Additional posts self-funded by University College Dublin to match their SALI allocation from the Higher Education Authority.

**The Technological University of Dublin was also awarded a post under SALI cycle 2, and this post (Professor of Innovation and Sustainability in Engineering, Construction and Built Environment) will be advertised at a later stage.

  • While this initiative gives priority to highly qualified female candidates in order to address their under-representation, preferential consideration of female candidates is excluded if other reasons worthy of legal protection prevail. While it is envisaged that candidates for the new posts now on offer will have their applications submitted by 13th May 2022, it remains open to each HEI to manage the closing date for applications.
  • In exceptional circumstances, candidates who are in a minority or are protected under Irish social legislation, or who also belong to an under-represented minority in academic posts, may be considered if the institution can clearly articulate its reasons.


For more information contact: Kate Wood, Media and Digital Content Manager, Irish Universities Association, kate.wood@iua.ie

Notes to the Editor

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Full details for each of the SALI positions and their application criteria are available via THEunijobs.com and the IUA website at www.iua.ie/sali

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