14.03.22 IUA Statement: University Presidents pledge support for Ukraine

Statement following a meeting of Presidents of the universities represented by the IUA.

As a community of universities, we are deeply shocked and outraged by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and condemn this unprovoked violence in the strongest possible terms. These actions are an assault on democracy and on the values of freedom, autonomy and respect that we all hold dear. We will continue to work with our colleagues here in Ireland and across Eastern Europe to offer our support to those affected including students and staff.

Conscious of the role universities in promoting democracy and peace, we will robustly support, comply with and implement international sanctions regimes with respect to the Russian Federation and Belarus. This includes suspension of the exchange of students, researchers and scientific personnel, the cessation of financial transactions and a halt to the exchange of research material, complying in full with all EU sanctions. Our universities will continue to review the rapidly evolving situation in Ukraine to ensure that we continue to support the people of Ukraine in their time of need.

We acknowledge that many Russian academics are opposed to the Putin regime and the actions of the State of Russia and lament the impact of these suspensions on the open exchange of knowledge and ideas through institutional collaboration.

Our universities remain resolutely supportive of the Ukrainian people and of the principles of democracy that must be protected in the interests of all people in Europe.