University Research Showcase

University Research has a transformative influence on societies and economies, impacting on every aspect of an individual’s life from health and well-being to the environment, education, skills development, enterprise, culture, social cohesion and standard of living.

Current University Research Projects

Prof. John Cryan and Prof. Ted Dinan

UCC – Psychobiotic Diet – Food to improve mood

Can food improve your mood in just four weeks? Research into the ‘psychobiotic diet’ shows how the food we eat impacts our mental well-being by investigating how the bacteria living in our gut, the microbiota, can influence our brains.
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Prof Mike Zaworotko, Bernal Institute, University of Limerick

Prof Mike Zaworotko, Bernal Institute, University of Limerick

UL – Generating water from the air

Researchers at UL have designed a self-contained greenhouse that provides its own water and could have a major impact on global food production. The C-MINUS project brings together partners from industry and academia to address a new disruptive approach to farming – self-contained greenhouses that provide their own water and CO2 powered by sunlight.

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Launch of My World Survey 2 in Sept 2018.

UCD – My World Survey: Improving Youth Mental Health in Ireland

My World Survey, led by Professor Barbara Dooley, is the largest national survey on youth mental health. It has informed national policy debate and is referenced in various policy documents, such as the Healthy Ireland Framework and Connecting for Life, Ireland’s National Strategy to Reduce Suicide. The findings are contributing to the psychological wellbeing of tens of thousands of young people across the country.

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15 National Test-Sites

MU – National Climate Change Research – Terrain-AI

Terrain-AI addresses environmental challenges through improving our understanding of the impact of human activity on land use and how sustainable land use management can positively impact the environment and climate. The project has established 15 instrumented test-sites across various grassland, cropland, forestry, peatland, urban habitats across Ireland.
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DCU – Moving Well-Being Well aims to get children moving

At its core, the Moving Well-Being Well project at Dublin City University wants to get Irish children moving. It is helping all stakeholders including parents, teachers and coaches to equip children with the tools they need to be active, and therefore healthier, for life.
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NUI Galway – Finding solutions to ocean sustainability

The impact of current and potential human activities on marine and coastal ecosystems will be a key determinant of ocean health. This project examines the Blue Growth path for sustainable development of the major sectors operating in the Atlantic.
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UCC – Corca Dhuibhne 2030/Dingle Peninsula 2030

The Dingle Peninsula is the stunning location for innovative community project that explore how a rural energy transition can evolve in a way that increases sustainability, generates societal capacity and delivers economic benefits for the whole community.
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TCD Beyond 2022: VR brings seven centuries’ of history back to life

This exciting all-island and international collaborative project seeks to re-imagine and re-create, through virtual reality, all the archival collections that were lost in the fire at Dublin’s Four Courts at the beginning of the Irish Civil War. These collections comprise records of seven centuries of Irish history, genealogy and administration.
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UCD – Promoting Ireland’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary choral music

As a result of the research (and subsequent composition and performance) of published collections of Irish choral music by Dr Desmond Earley and the Choral Scholars of UCD School of Music, there has been significant worldwide engagement with the music and poetry of Ireland.
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UL – Personalised cancer treatments through diagnostic targeted therapies

A research team at the University of Limerick is taking on the many challenges’ treatment of Cancer pose. By using 3D printed models, termed ‘phantoms’, the team can mimic treatment areas and gain insights to inform therapies and radiation dosage for cancer treatment.
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TCD Connecting Nature: €12m EU-funded project will bring nature into cities

Led by scientists and business experts from Trinity, the project will see cities across Europe invest in large-scale implementation of nature-based solutions, measure the impact of this approach, and share their experiences on a global scale.
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OPTIMEND team: (L-R) Íde O’Shaughnessy, Stephen White and Dr Damien Ryan, UHL

UL – Changing how healthcare is delivered to older people in the Emergency Department

Crowding in Emergency Departments (ED) is a growing problem in Ireland and internationally. The ‘OPTIMEND’ study led by Prof Rose Galvin and a dedicated team of Health and Social Care Professionals focus on timely assessment and intervention among people aged ≥65 years who attend the ED at University Hospital Limerick.
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DCU – Waterblitz asks citizen scientists to analyse Dublin freshwater

How can we engage citizens, and in particular water users, to monitor the water quality of our rivers, and in particular of the Liffey as it flows through Dublin suburbs and city? Funded by Royal Bank of Canada, through Earthwatch Europe’s Freshwater Watch programme, research at Dublin City University’s Water Institute is empowering local communities to monitor their water quality.
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UCC – CIPHER: Hip Hop Interpellation

Hip-hop has grown from its iconic roots in black American culture to become a global phenomenon. Led by Prinicpal Investigator, Prof J. Griffith Rollefson, CIPHER is a five-year, €2m community engaged global project that uses artificial intelligence to map how hip-hop became the world’s most popular music genre.
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NUI Galway – Pandem2 – Strengthening preparedness for future pandemics

This project is developing novel concepts, services and IT systems to improve how the EU prepares for and responses to future pandemics. New solutions developed by PANDEM-2 will enable the simulation of future pandemics and the training of pandemic managers on a national and pan-European basis.
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Ever wonder why buildings of the past have such an enduring physical presence? CRAFTVALUE seeks to open our eyes to the painstaking achievements of stone masons, carpenters, joiners, carvers and modellers of plaster, wood and stone.
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DCU – Promoting gender equality in schools

Led by Dr. Seline Keating, the Gender Equality Matters (GEM) research project at Dublin City University aims to raise awareness, build confidence, and enhance capacity levels among children, parents and teachers to tackle gender stereotyping, gender-based bullying and gender-based violence.
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Prof. Jennifer Keenahan and her team at Arup Dublin 2018 presenting collaborative research

UCD – Protecting the built environment from the effects of wind

Hazardous wind conditions cause problems for everyone. While we can’t stop the wind, we can design our built environment to mitigate its worst effects. Assistant Prof. Jennifer Keenahan is building and training a team to undertake wind modelling using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), a method new to the field of Civil Engineering.
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