In this series of ‘My Uni Life’ we explore the workings of this unique university. We dive into the excitement and colour of the Galway Arts festival and we meet Niamh Ní Charra, the archivist working on collecting, organising, and preserving Former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson’s archive, which is now housed in the University of Galway Library. We see how Clinical Simulation is training the medics of the future…

Meet the team and students at the Healthcare Simulation and Interprofessional Education Facility

The Healthcare Simulation and Interprofessional Education Facility at the University of Galway is the first of its kind on a clinical site in Ireland. It serves as a model for cooperative education and training, fostering a distinctive partnership between academic educators and clinical staff based in hospitals. This is led by the internationally recognised simulation team of multiprofessional educators who work in the state-of-the-art simulation facility. Simulation-based education facilitates a collaborative process where clinicians create educational content based on their real clinical experiences.

Behind the scenes, an expert multi-professional team collaborates with stakeholders to craft realistic clinical experiences tailored for student learners. The process involves case creation, testing, moulage, and the incorporation of props, all aimed at constructing a fully immersive learning environment.

Meet the Festival Ambassadors of The Galway International Arts Festival

The University of Galway has fostered a longstanding partnership with the Galway International Arts Festival. The global acclaim of the Galway International Arts Festival is well-deserved. Spanning 14 days, the festival presents a diverse array of shows, productions, music, entertainment, and a celebration of culture.

The festival has nurtured this relationship over the past decade, presenting exclusive opportunities for students. Notably, the SELECTED program offers University of Galway students internships and unique prospects to contribute to a globally renowned festival. Rena Bryson,  SELECTED Manager, is an alumna whose own journey commenced through this internship.

During the term over 75 students have actively participated in the program. Additionally, numerous international MA students have highlighted the significance of the SELECTED program in influencing their decision to attend the University of Galway.

Meet the Archivist of the Mary Robinson Archive

Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland, declared her decision to deposit her archive at The University of Galway.  The archive provides a glimpse into the enduring themes that have characterised Mary Robinson’s extensive career, encompassing human rights, equal rights, and women’s rights.

The archive encompasses nearly 750 boxes spanning six decades, capturing diverse facets of the former President’s work, from her roles as barrister, senator, professor, President of Ireland, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, chair of the Elders, founder of Realising Rights (the Ethical Globalisation Initiative), and the establishment of the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice.

In this series of ‘My Uni Life’ we meet the archivist Niamh Ní Charra whose role involves understanding the contents, ensuring their safety, appraising the materials, determining an organisational structure, cataloguing, evaluating accessibility (addressing factors like material fragility and data protection issues), and ultimately facilitating their release.

About University of Galway

The University of Galway, situated in one of the most picturesque locations in Ireland’s west coast, offers more than just academic excellence. From state-of-the-art facilities to a rich cultural scene, the University of Galway provides an environment where learning extends beyond the classroom.

Established in 1845, the University of Galway has over 18,000 students and 2,500 staff, who come together to create a vibrant campus with outstanding academics, innovators and creators.