Beyond academic achievements, TU Dublin offers students the chance to engage in a diverse range of activities with over 150 sports clubs and societies. Whether it’s comedy,  design, or dance, students have the chance to explore their interests and forge friendships.

Throughout the year, TU Dublin actively supports charities and organisations. In this series, our spotlight is on a symbiotic relationship between the university and local communities, which is ingrained in the core of TU Dublin’s approach to teaching and learning. 

Meet the Students Learning with Communities

We meet Design students who are working in teams and using their creativity combined with the skills they’ve acquired from their studies to develop a new concept for an empty, derelict building in Dublin city centre. This is part of an award-winning programme ‘Students Learning with Communities’ which supports staff, students, and community partners to participate in community-engaged learning and research. 

It involves TU Dublin students and lecturers collaborating with underserved community partners (local groups, not-for-profit organisations, charities) to develop real-life projects for mutual benefit. Learning comes alive for the students as they work on these projects with community partners, supervised by their lecturers, developing professional transferable skills. These projects give all participants the opportunity to engage in critical thinking, and ultimately aim to energise participants to work for social change.

Meet Fine Art students Shannon and Oisín from the School of Creative Arts

The TU Dublin School of Creative Arts Graduate Exhibition is the highlight of the academic year for students and staff of the school. Final year is the culmination of many years of full-time study and gives students the opportunity to showcase the results of their imagination, hard work and creative skills in a public arena. Working with staff, students organise much of the logistics of the exhibition as well as being responsible for how their artwork will be displayed.

In this series of ‘My Uni Life’ we meet two Fine Art students, Shannon McGovern and Oisín Tozer, as they embark on their final year at university. The aspiring artists are gearing up for their graduate exhibition, an exhibition which will give them a chance to make a lasting impression, showcasing their artistic evolution to the school, to family and friends, and particularly to an audience of industry professionals.

Meet students from The Dance Society

We get a glimpse into the energetic world of the TU Dublin Dance Society. These students bring a vibrant, contagious energy to campus. Students in this group come from diverse backgrounds, various areas of study, and different year groups but it is dance which has forged a strong friendship that bring these students together.

The TU Dublin Dance Society spend hours in the studio developing their choreography. Delving into intricate dance routines serves as a creative outlet for the students. Like most societies in university, dance is more than just physical activity, dancing can act as a stress-reliever, allowing students to unwind, it also cultivate a sense of community, breaking down barriers between students of different backgrounds. This dance society in particular is all about fostering a lively community that celebrates the joy of dance.

About TU Dublin

TU Dublin is Ireland’s first Technological University with campuses in Dublin City Centre at Grangegorman, Aungier Street and Bolton Street and also in Blanchardstown and Tallaght. The have 28,500 students enrolled from more than 85 countries. Offering over 200 programmes to students, TU Dublin is the place where the arts, business, science, engineering and technology converge. They are committed to lifelong learning and are the largest provider of part-time education in Ireland.