A hub of intellectual curiosity and discovery Maynooth University is home to a number of world-class research institutes such as the Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units (ICARUS), in this series of ‘My Uni Life’ we meet the experts at the forefront of ‘ICARUS’ and gain insights into the ground-breaking research they are conducting.

Aside from their academic pursuits, students at Maynooth University actively participate in various sports, including golf, soccer, rugby, and GAA. In ‘My Uni Life’ we meet Katelynn Doran and Mary-Kate Lynch, two outstanding sports stars who not only demonstrate their dedication to sports excellence, but also excel in their academic pursuits.

Meet the Researchers from the Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units (ICARUS)

This series of ‘My Uni Life’ offers a glimpse into the ground-breaking research the ICARUS team are undertaking, shedding light on their crucial contributions in addressing major environmental challenges.

ICARUS (the Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units) is housed within the Department of Geography at Maynooth University and is a national leader in the area of climate change, providing integrated climate system research, solutions, data and advice to the scientific community, policy makers and for the benefit of society both nationally and internationally.

ICARUS strives to offer advanced analysis of future impacts, vulnerabilities, and adaptation aligned with key national and international priorities. To achieve these objectives, the core research strands at ICARUS concentrate on the analysis of change in atmospheric, terrestrial and marine environments, palaeoclimatolgy, regional climate modelling, catchment hydrology and water management and the assessment of environmental and socio-economic impacts and adaptation.

Meet Mary Kate Lynch, an All-Ireland Winning footballer

Mary-Kate Lynch is in her 2nd year studying Psychology at Maynooth University. She holds many well-deserved awards and accolades to her name. Mary-Kate was a Meath All-Ireland football winner 2020 & 2021 and winner of the TG4 All-Star Award 2021, she was also awarded a sports scholarship from Maynooth University.

In this series we see how Mary-Kate manages to balance time for both the sport and her course studies. She delves into how staying physically active contributes positively to her studies, saying “I found that having a routine, being organised and making a schedule, made things work for me. Once I knew I had practice or a game to go to, I would allocate time for that, knowing that afterwards, I would be in a much better place to make my studies work. Even when I was doing my Leaving Certificate, I would make time for a run or some sort of physical activity. My parents really noticed I was much chattier and more together when I returned.”

Meet Katelynn Doran, the first recipient of a Women’s Rugby scholarship

Setting the bar, raising the bar, and sitting the Bar, Law graduate and now Master’s student in Criminology in Maynooth University, Katelynn Doran has her steely sights on a rugby-playing future and a career as a solicitor specializing in arbitration.

Katelynn plays for MU-Barnhall  and the Leinster Women’s Rugby team, she has been on a scholarship since first year with MU-Barnhall, she says “Being on a scholarship allowed me to keep up with my rugby while at the same time, balancing my academic life. Playing for a team, and meeting up with girls who’ve come from all over Ireland, has been a real help to me on and off the field”.

Despite the demanding schedule, Katelynn approaches her sports and her studies with unwavering determination. Through this series of ‘My Uni Life’ we accompany Katelynn as she shares the many benefits of playing a team sport while studying at university.

About Maynooth University

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