Nitheen Kaperi – India
Government of Ireland Scholarship Winner

I am doing a PhD in Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin following a 5 year Integrated Masters in Chemistry from University of Hyderabad, India. My program was basically 3 years Bachelor’s in Science followed by 2 year Master’s in Chemistry. I love Chemistry and I loved doing Masters in it.

I am happy to be in Trinity College pursuing my research. I always heard/read that Trinity is one of the top colleges in the world and I definitely admit the fact after coming here. The amount of knowledge I am gaining every day is immense. I like the various Societies and Organisations in Trinity. The library is the best part of Trinity.

Compared to many European Countries, I see no problem with the language in Ireland. As the spoken language is English, it makes life simple. Also, I see no problem in finding Indian food which makes me happy to stay and work in this country.

It is a perfect place for anyone to start their academic career. You not only get to study in best universities but also explore a lot more than expected. You get to meet a variety of people and exchange knowledge which is another learning experience.

Student Life in Ireland is a platform where you get to meet people from different countries and different backgrounds. Because of its geographical location, I got to meet a good number of people from the United States, other European countries and from Asia.

I miss a lot of things about India. I miss my City, friends, culture, food, festivals. Of all the things, I miss my family a lot.

I would like to thank the authorities for giving me this scholarship. The biggest difference this scholarship made for me is Financial Independence.

The scholarship application process is a simple and straight forward procedure. If you are good enough you make it through the process and get the Scholarship. The application process and instructions are well organised.


Kriti Malhotra – India
Government of Ireland Scholarship Winner

I am from Delhi, the capital of India and I attended Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi; which is the top-ranked college in India for social sciences.

I’m studying MSc. Development Practice (International Development) which is a part of the Global MDP Network headquartered at Columbia University, USA and supported by the MacArthur Foundation.

Pursuing this course has provided an opportunity to interact and learn from some of the finest researchers and practitioners in the field of international development. It is a unique blend wherein, neither intellectual stimulation nor professional expertise is at a compromise. Students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities ensure that the classroom learning experience is undisputedly multicultural, and provides an exposure to the first and third world dichotomy (I literally have classmates from all the continents on the earth). This experience has empowered me to reflect on convoluted issues through the medium of workable policy solutions. Apart from honing my critical thinking skills, the course has also equipped me with a practical understanding of disparate perspectives on different issues and provided a platform to investigate these by carrying out analysis in different verticals of international development.

Apart from the scenic architecture and prestigious heritage that Trinity College Dublin has to offer, it is a unique opportunity to experience one of the oldest intellectual traditions in the world. It gives me a sense of pride to walk in the college each day. Needless to mention, the Trinity Indian Society is really active and it’s fun to feel at home away from home!

The best part about Ireland is the people. From day one in Ireland I did not face any difficulty in interacting with the people here. The word ‘friendly’ would be an understatement for the Irish. Probably the concept of ‘alienation’ in the developed countries doesn’t stand true for Ireland as the people really accommodate you in their lives effortlessly. Also, I’d like to explicitly state that I have not experienced any racial discrimination so far which is one of the factors that students consider while choosing a place to study.

If you are considering studying in Ireland, TCD is the best thing that could happen. Also, surprisingly there are loads of similarities between the Indians and the Irish! However, my main advice would be to think of the following things:

a)    The course you are applying to, the contents
b)    Ranking of the department in Europe
c)    Faculty- their experience, background and publications
d)    Prospective employers- especially if you are considering taking a loan
e)    Whether the above factors facilitate your future objectives or not

Also, many Indian students from a similar background and qualification like mine prefer education in London (LSE/ King’s). I’d like to state that Dublin is less expensive, the cost of living is much lower as compared to London and even the fee structure at TCD is lower than LSE/King’s; whereas, the quality of education and the prestige is equally good.

It would be tough for me generalize student life in Ireland. However, my student life is fantabulous. With intensive training in modules from 9am to 6pm, each day adds to the higher learning curve! Besides, the afternoon breaks are best enjoyed with friends in a traditional Irish pub with music and some dance. My course in TCD in particular is very demanding, and I have learnt a lot in these few months!

I’d be honest in expressing that I miss India for its diversity, colours in public spaces, smell of culture, population overload, ambience noises, and even the complex state of affairs in India.

The scholarship is the best thing that has happened to me in my career. As I wouldn’t have been able to afford this prestigious opportunity to study at such an amazing course in a top ranked university on my own. A lot of scholarships are just about fee waiver, but this scholarship structure takes into account cost of living expenditures which is a great relief for students like me.

Apart from the opportunity to do my dream course and the financial structure of the scholarship, it is also very prestigious in the sense that it is a Government fellowship – which people really show respect for, including the prospective employers.

I’d like to suggest that there should be a scholarship initiation ceremony (like Government of UK, Japan and the similar scholarships have) for the scholars to interact and form a sustained network in the respective colleges and across colleges which are a part of this scheme- which would certainly help strengthen the diplomatic ties as well (which is one of the prime purposes of this scholarship). Overtime, this could also help strengthen career, business and exchange opportunities between the two countries.

M. Shanmugaraj – India
Government of Ireland Scholarship Winner 

I completed my bachelors and masters degree from Anna University, Chennai. I am highly honored to be one of the recipients of the Government of Ireland scholarship awards which was significant to me in achieving my goals. Studying the M.Sc. at University of Limerick (UL) is a pleasant experience for me. UL is one of the top 100 young universities in the world. It is well reputed for its excellent infrastructure & world class research centers. The master degree program at UL enables students to develop several skills to meet industrial needs. The quality of lecturers surpassed my expectations. Lectures are well qualified, extremely knowledgeable and highly motivated. Importantly, they are friendly and always available to support and help you. The learning environment is comfortable, collaborative and challenging. Most modules are research oriented which also encourages carrying out further Ph.D. research studies.

I had a great opportunity to meet students from different countries & cultures such as China, US, Germany, Japan, France, Spain and different parts of the world. The students union at UL actively runs several clubs & societies for recreational and leisure activities. The tours, trips and activities that were organized were so fun, enjoyable and memorable. Ireland is a lovely country with friendly people. Each and every day my life in Ireland is exciting, challenging, making me feel happy and memorable. However, it is quiet tough & challenging to live in a new culture & environment and I do miss my family & friends from India.

My advice to everyone who is planning to come to Ireland would be to get out of your comfort zone, start exploring, discover as much as possible, travel, make friends and enjoy life.



Amrita Manohar – India
Government of Ireland Scholarship Winner

I am pursuing an M.Sc. in IT management from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM). An aspect that I like about my course is that it is very industry oriented and we are encouraged to explore and learn the subject on our own, while being expertly guided by the professors; it does not depend solely on theoretical knowledge. Even the classes are conducted in the setting of a formal business meeting, which was a pleasant surprise when I first came here.

The university itself is very warm, with a vibrant and multicultural student community. The campus is lovely, showcasing well planned modern buildings alongside the older campus with its historical significance. We are provided with ample facilities, from an extensive library and centers that offer free guidance for students in their subjects, to student-run clubs and societies that support extra-curricular activities. As a student, I am able to not only concentrate on my subjects, but also to meet many people and explore new hobbies. There is a good balance between education in the classroom and a social life – and for students considering a truly international education, Ireland is the place to choose.

Ireland is a beautiful country, very friendly, safe and welcoming. I consider my experience here valuable, as it helped me gain a wider perspective, both in terms of my studies and in general.

I am from India, and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Anna University. Apart from the style of education, if there were one factor that is very different in India when compared to Ireland, it is the climate, as the maximum temperature in Ireland would be the minimum temperature in my hometown. However, given the friendly people and the Irish culture, I rarely feel homesick, and I intend to use all the opportunities that come my way here to make my Irish university experience very memorable.

Without the Government of Ireland Scholarship I would not have been able to pursue this degree. The scholarship has granted an opportunity to pursue a dream and to progress in my career – and I am very grateful for the difference it has made in my life.


Hazim – India
Government of Ireland Scholarship Winner

Hi, I’m Hazim and I’m doing taught Masters in Electronic systems at DCU. After doing my Bachelors in Telecommunication Engineering at Vtu, Bangalore (India), I did extensive research to find a suitable European University for doing my Masters.

My primary concern was to find a safe and friendly environment where I can acquire world class higher education at an affordable cost. Irish universities offer attractive scholarships for deserving students and I am excited at being awarded the Govt. of Ireland Scholarship. This ended up with my decision to move into Ireland to do a Masters of Engineering. Now, I am very glad that I made the right decision.

The faculty members are very professional, very knowledgeable about the subject. They
encourage the students to think and engage in the subject. They are also very cordial and supportive.

Ireland is an exciting place to live and study. Irish people are very friendly and helpful. Being an English speaking country, communicating and interacting with them has always been easy for me. Living here gives me the feeling of “home away from home”. I have also noted that the Irish are protective of their ancient culture, yet they have embraced their role as a centre for the digital revolution and international trade.