IUA/RIA webinar: Evidence Informed Policy Making – the Role of Higher Education and Research - Tues 30 June - Recording Available

Join us on 30th June from 11.30-12.30 as, looking to the future, we ask, how do we continue to ensure that national policy continues to be informed by the best evidence? Not just in terms of the current crisis but more broadly for the challenges we face as a nation, including climate change, housing, healthcare and our economy. What processes and frameworks need to be in place to ensure that the evidence and expertise that lies within our research community is available in an accessible form during the decision-making process.

Never more than during the current pandemic has the value of evidence-based policy making been so clearly illustrated. As Ireland, like every other country around the world, tries to assimilate new and evolving information for the safety and benefit of its citizens, expertise from across the higher education system has been instrumental in charting the country’s path. Researchers with diverse backgrounds are working side by side with policy makers to help ensure that national policy fully reflects the evidence in an Irish context.

Missed out? Don’t worry, catch the full IUA / RIA Webinar here