IUA/EDTL Webinar: Planning for effective remote teaching during Covid-19 - 24th June Presentations & Recording

24th June from 12.30-13.30 a discussion was held on planning for effective remote teaching during Covid-19 and the launch of the EDTL Approach: outlining a pathway for those adapting a module or programme, normally taught wholly or partly face-to-face, for the start of the new academic year.

In March 2020 Irish University campuses closed and all teaching and assessment moved online, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the results of the National Forum’s Irish National Digital Experience (INDEx) Survey of staff who teach in higher education, 70% of staff had never taught in a live online environment.

What happened in March was an emergency response, and not necessarily good pedagogic practice. As Irish Universities prepare for the next academic year in the context of ongoing social distancing requirements and public health restrictions, there is a small window of opportunity to refocus on pedagogy and enhancing the students’ digital learning experience. Lessons can be learned from experts who have been successfully providing online and distance education for many years.

Moderator of the discussion was Patricia Callaghan, Academic Secretary at Trinity College Dublin and Chair of the EDTL Steering Committee.

Presentations and Recording:



wed24 Martin Weller Open University

USI_Emerging from the Pandemic Lessons Learned_KMCStravock_24June

The EDTL Approach Resources


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Prof. Martin Weller, Professor of Educational Technology at The Open University UK will challenge the view that online or distance learning is not as good, or inferior to on-campus.


Sharon Flynn

Dr Sharon Flynn, EDTL Project Manager and Members of the project team will launch the EDTL Approach, outlining a pathway for those adapting a module or programme for the start of the new academic year.

Kevin McStravock, VP Academic Affairs Union of Students in Ireland (USI) will share the teaching, learning and assessment related results of the USI Student Survey now underway.