Magdalena Wisłocka

EURAXESS Ireland Officer & Hosting Agreement Scheme Manager

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Dr Magdalena Wisłocka
EURAXESS Ireland Officer & Hosting Agreement Scheme Manager


Magdalena Wisłocka has been involved in managing the day to day activities of the Scientific Visa Scheme (Hosting Agreement) in Ireland since its introduction in 2007. She is also responsible for responding to helpdesk queries at the EURAXESS office based in the IUA. Magda has participated in various European Commission funded projects focusing on researchers’ mobility (MOREBRAIN, EURAXESS TOP 1 and People Network).

Magda has an extensive experience of day to day management of the scientific visa scheme building links and successfully collaborating with various key institutions in Ireland such as the Office of Science &Technology and the Work Permit Section in the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and also with the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service. She promoted the Irish Hosting Agreement Scheme as an invited speaker on numerous international conferences in Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Brussels.

Madga is a biologist by training with a M.Sc. in plant ecology and a PhD in Environmental Biology from Wroclaw University (Poland). During her research and academic career she has been internationally mobile having done her post doctoral research in Ireland and has worked for both academia and industry in Ireland and Poland. She was previously employed as an assistant lecturer at National University Galway in Ireland and a scientific officer at the Irish Environmental Protection Agency where she administrated various research projects of the ERTDI programme. As an academic teacher at Dublin City University she was actively involved in organising field trips for Irish students in her native Poland as part of one of the environmental modules.