Graduate Education

Graduate education and graduate research students are key contributors to enhancing Ireland’s innovative capacity across all economic and social sectors. As part of this, the Irish universities have expanded their graduate education and research capacity in recent years, with a particular focus on encouraging more masters and doctoral graduates to gain employment outside academia, in both private and public sector organisations where these skills are now necessary.

The Irish universities offer high quality graduate education opportunities across a range of disciplines, through both taught and research degree programmes. Many programmes are offered on a collaborative basis between several universities.

In recent years, all Irish universities have developed a range of innovative structured doctoral programmes, bringing the traditional strengths of the PhD together with a range of relevant specialist and generic skills which are highly sought by private and public sector employers – see IUA publication PhD Graduate Skills Statement Revised 2015.

A wide range of masters programmes, both taught and by research, and post-graduate diploma programmes, are also available in all Irish universities, catering for students who wish to specialise in particular professional or academic areas and enhance their personal and professional skills at this level.

As part of these developments, the Irish universities have worked closely with their counterparts in both Europe and the United States, ensuring that the quality of graduate education in Ireland is in line with international best practice. The Irish universities are members of the European University Association’s Council for Doctoral Education and cooperate regularly with the US Council of Graduate Schools.

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For information about the range of graduate education options available in Irish universities, please visit the following websites:

Graduate students from other European countries and from the rest of the world are welcome at Irish universities. For relevant information regarding applications, visas, and other matters please click here.

All information relevant to researchers moving to Ireland can be found on the EURAXESS Ireland website.