Smart Futures: SFI Research Career Options Forum – 22 Sept Dublin – Register Now!

The Smart Futures: SFI Research Career Options Forum will take place from 10.30am on 22nd September in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

The Forum will discuss career paths and relevant research programmes open to early career researchers and postgraduate students in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).



The plenary session will take place from 11.00am – 1.00pm. Dr Liz Elvidge, Head of the Postdoc Development Centre, Imperial College London, will deliver a keynote address on ‘What Every Postdoc Needs to Know’.  This will be followed by a talk on entrepreneurship, an overview of key SFI programmes and a panel discussion. See Agenda for more information. Following a light lunch, prescheduled ‘Face to Face with Industry’ sessions will take place between researchers/students and industry representatives.

Focus of the event

  • The plenary session will outline career paths which are available to early career researchers and postgraduate students in the areas of STEM and will highlight key programmes of relevance to them.
  • The ‘Face to Face’ sessions with Industry will allow attendees who are interested in participating in the SFI Industry Fellowship Programme a chance to meet and discuss potential research projects.
  • The ‘Face to Face’ sessions are also open to students/researchers interested in meeting with companies that are actively recruiting for people with STEM qualifications.
  • Workshops will explore topics and skills such as CV preparation and entrepreneurship.

Why should you participate?

  • For postgraduate STEM students and early career researchers, this is an opportunity to get valuable career path insights and practical information about specific programme opportunities.  
  • For industry, this is an opportunity to meet and recruit potential team members and ensure you are getting great applications with the relevant skills, qualifications or experience that you need for your organisation.
  • All event participants will learn more about the SFI Industry Fellowship Programme and other programme opportunities.
  • You will hear from an international expert in this area, Dr Liz Elvidge, Head of Postdoc Development Centre, Imperial College London about ‘What Every Postdoc Needs to Know’.

About the Industry Fellowship Programme 2017

The purpose of the Industry Fellowship Programme 2017 is to enhance industry-academia collaborations through the funding of collaborative industry-academia research projects, and to stimulate excellence through knowledge exchange and training of engineers and scientists. Both aims will be pursued by the Industry Fellowship Programme, through the temporary placement of academic researchers in industry, and of industry researchers in academia. Fellowships can have a duration between 1 and 12 months if full-time, and between 2 and 24 months if part-time. The maximum Industry Fellowship award amount is €100,000 direct costs. See for more information.

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Tel: 353 1 284 4761