People & Presentations

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Biographies – Researcher Careers & Mobility Conference May 2013

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Plenary Speakers:

Prof. Brian MacCraith, President, Dublin City University
Sean Sherlock TD, Minister of State for Research and Innovation
Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science
Prof. Fulvio Esposito, Chair of ERA Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility – Fulvio Esposito Plenary Presentation
Andrius Bernotas, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences


Workshop 1 Coordinator & Rapporteur:

WS1: Dr. Dagmar Meyer – former Policy Officer at the European Commission, DG RTD
WS1: Dr John Walsh, Lecturer Trinity College Dublin and Executive Member Irish Research Staff Association

– Workshop 1 report – Why Hire Researchers

Workshop 1 Speakers:

WS1: Anthony Macauley, Fujitsu Ireland – Anthony McCauley Presentation – Workshop 1
WS1: Aidan Sweeney, Executive, Enterprise & Innovation, IBEC – Aidan Sweeney Presentation – Workshop 1
WS1: Prof. Louise Ackers, Chair in Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool – Louise Ackers Presentation – Workshop 1
WS1: Andreas Keller, European Trade Union Committee for Education, Germany – Andreas Keller Presentation – Workshop 1


Workshop 2 Coordinator & Rapporteur:

WS2: Siobhan Harkin – Waterford Institute of Technology
WS2: Dr Emer Cunningham, Graduate Education Development Manager, University College Dublin

– Workshop 2 report – Are Doctoral Candidates Prepared for the Future

Workshop 2 Speakers:

WS2: Prof. Michael Mulvany – ORPHEUS (Organisation for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System) – Michael Mulvany Presentation – Workshop 2
WS2: Alessandra Luchetti – Marie Curie Unit, European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture – Alessandra Luchetti_MSCA_Doctoral training
WS2: Mr Albert Angles, R&D Engineer, Univeritat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain – Albert Angles Presentation – Workshop 2
WS2: Dr Eucharia Meehan, Director, Irish Research Council – Eucharia Meehan Presentation – Workshop 2


Workshop 3 Coordinator & Rapporteur:

WS3: Alie Kwint – Kwintessence
WS3: Dr Gemma Irvine, Assistant Director, Irish Research Council

– Workshop 3 Report – How can you make a researcher employable

Workshop 3 Speakers:

WS3: Dr. Damien Lanfrey, Adviser for Innovation Policy to the Italian Minister of Education and Innovation – Damien Lanfrey Presentation – Workshop 3
WS3:  Dr. Claire Conway, Careers Adviser for Researchers, University of Oxford – Claire Conway Presentation – Workshop 3
WS3: Dr. Iain Cameron, Head of Research Careers & Diversity, Research Councils UK – Iain Cameron Presentation – Workshop 3


Workshop 4 Coordinator & Rapporteur:

WS4: Beate Scholz, Scholz Consulting
WS4: Justin Synnott, Research Programme Support Manager, University College Dublin

– Workshop 4 report – Is Mobility Good for You?

Workshop 4 Speakers:

WS4: Hans M. Borchgrevink – Special Adviser, Research Council of Norway – Hans Borchgrevink Presentation – Workshop 4
WS4: Prof. Nicholas Farrell – Virginia Commonwealth University, and President of the Wild Geese Network of Irish Scientists – Nicholas Farrell Presentation – Workshop 4
WS4:  Prof. Eigil Samset, GE Vingmed Ulstrasound & University of Oslo – Eigil Samset Presentation – Workshop 4
WS4: Caroline Adenberger, Embassy of Austria, USA – Caroline Adenberger Presentation


Session Chairs:

Stefaan Hermans – European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation.
Dr Vanessa Campo-Ruiz – Scientific Officer to the Chief Executive, European Science Foundation
Cecilia Cabello Valdes – Head of Operations, FECYT, Spain
Dr Lisa Looney – Dean of Graduate Studies, Dublin City University

Expert Panel Members Day 1:

Dr. Miguel Jorge – Lecturer University of Strathclyde &  International Consortium of Research Staff Associations (ICoRSA)
Ms. Maria-Christina Georgiadou, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
Dr. David Prendergast – Anthropologist & Senior Researcher, Intel Labs Europe
Dr. Eugenia Markova, London Metropolitan University
Dr. Manuela Giovanetti, Senior Researhers, Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II e Polo delle Scienze and MCFA National Co-ordinator

Expert Panel Members Day 2:

Katrien Maes – LERU
Kristina Majsec, Vice President, EURODOC
Neven Duic, University of Zagreb
Dr. Karen Vandevelde, Policy Advisor Research, ECOOM, Ghent University
Prof. Thomas Cooney, College of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr. Suzanne Miller Delaney – Postdoctoral Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Donatella Solda-Kutzman – Adviser for Innovation Policy to the Italian Minister of Education and Innovation
Markus Dettenhoffer – Executive Director, CEITEC, Czech Republic
Carmen Mendez De Castro – Centre Head, Bizkaia Xede,  Institutional Relations and EURAXESS Service Spain
Prof. Isabelle Vernos – Centre for Genomic Regulation and Chair of European Research Council Working Group on Gender Balance

Thomas Jorgensen – Head of Unit, EUA Council for Doctoral Education
Janet Metcalfe – Chair and Head, VITAE
Prof. Mark Ferguson – Director General, Science Foundation Ireland & Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of Ireland
Stephen Kuster – Head of Policy Affairs, Science Europe
Gudrun Maass – Policy Officer, EIT, European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture
Tom Boland – Chief Executive, Higher Education Authority, Ireland