Background Documents

The following documents are background reading on the main conference themes:

ERA Pact 2012

Principles for Innovative Doctoral Training (PIDT) 2011

Towards a European Framework for Research Careers 2011

Innovation Union 2010

European Researchers Charter and Code of Conduct for their Recruitment 2005

EU Directive on a specific procedure for admitting third-country nationals for the purposes of scientific research, 2005

Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)




WORKSHOP ONE:  Why Hire Researchers?

  • Open recruitment as a pathway to excellence
  • Bringing new talent to companies
  • Recognising the wide range of researchers’ talents

Background Documents for Workshop 1:


WORKSHOP TWO:  Are Doctoral Candidates prepared for the Future?

  • Providing High Quality Doctoral Training
  • More international and interdisciplinary mobility
  • Broadening Career Opportunites for Doctoral Graduates

Background Documents for Workshop 2: 


WORKSHOP THREE: How Can You Make A Researcher Employable

  • Professional development opportunities for researchers
  • Recognising generic and transferable skills
  • Helping employers understand researchers’ capabilities

Background Documents for Workshop 3:


WORKSHOP FOUR:  Is Mobility Good for You?

  • International mobility focusing on virtual mobility
  • Working with the scientific diaspora
  • Mobility between employment sectors

 Background Documents for Workshop 4: