Media Coverage

5th OCT

Paper: Irish Independent.
Author: Dr Paddy Prendergast
Headline: If Universities slide isn’t halted economy will be next 

4th OCT

Paper: Irish Examiner
Author: Niall Murray
Headline: College will not keep €250 extra student fee

3rd OCT

Paper: Irish Times
Author: Joe Humphreys
Headline: Universities Must Merge to Compete Experts Say

2nd OCT

Source: European University Association Newsletter & Website
Author: Andrew Miller
Headline: EUA Presents and updated analysis of university autonomy in Ireland

30th SEPT

Paper: Irish Independent
Author: Katherine Donnelly
Headline: Minister: We’ll have to make tough decision on college funds

Paper: Irish Examiner
Author: Niall Murray
Headline: Third-level education system needs structural changes

Paper: Irish Examiner
Author: Niall Murray
Headline: Over interference a big concern for college leaders

29th SEPT


Paper: Irish Times
Author: Joe Humphreys
Headline: Universities seek action on crisis in funding

Paper: Irish Times
Author: Ned Costello
Headline: Let’s not learn lesson on third-level the hard way

Paper: Irish Independent
Author: Katherine Donnelly
Headline: Higher student fees back on the agenda warn college bosses

Paper: Irish Independent
Author: Art Hauptmann
Headline: Private investment is vital to safeguard our university system

Paper: Irish Examiner
Author: Niall Murray
Headline: Minister: I will move on student fees



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