Irish universities along with other higher education institutes have come together to create – a new easy to use, one-stop-shop portal connecting 3rd level students with volunteering opportunities in civil and civic society organisations. It is the first of its kind globally and is funded by each Higher Education member institution and Campus Engage.

Higher education student volunteering is the commitment of time and energy for the benefit of society, the environment or individuals outside one’s immediate family. It is undertaken freely and by choice, without concern for financial gain. Volunteering continues to grow in popularity with university students donating 3 million hours to various causes and events nationally and internationally in 2017/18.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Advice for Volunteers and Volunteer Organisations

The health and well-being of students who volunteer and organisations who host volunteers is a priority of At this time volunteers are more important than ever and are doing so much for their communities across Ireland. For useful COVID-19 advice information & updates from our member institutions click here.

Our Volunteers

Our universities are full of students who dedicate their time to good causes locally, nationally and internationally. This year for International Volunteers Day we spoke with two of these volunteers and heard their story.

Vera Strojanvic, Founder of BetterTogether
UCC Student

Michelle Mitchell, Community activist & volunteer
NUI Galway PhD Student