SALI Profiles

Katrin Wendland

Name and Title: Katrin Wendland
Professor of Pure Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin

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Description: Our School of Mathematics at Trinity hosts pure mathematicians as well as applied mathematicians and theoretical physicists. In my role, I am the head of the discipline of pure Mathematics, and I am expecting to become the Head of School next year. As such, my role combines research and teaching in mathematics with the task of forming and further developing my discipline and school.

The SALI Professorship for Mathematics is the third full professorship that I am holding; I find it particularly important and enjoyable to interact with, and at best to inspire, a new generation of mathematicians who have understood that skills and creativity in mathematics are entirely independent of gender. Therefore, it is high time to get rid of any gender-bias or other discrimination, which still exists and is noticeably undermining a healthy and fair development of the field.

Rozenn Dahyot

Name and Title: Rozenn Dahyot
Professor of Computer Science, Maynooth University

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Description: My expertise is in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to Image (Sensor Data) Processing, and I am principal investigator with the SFI research centres ADAPT and I-Form.

AI is a fascinating and very active field of research that will benefit from having diverse voices contributing to its making. Computer Science AI is and will impact many STEM/STEAM fields of research in the years to come, and it is great that the SALI scheme is supporting diversity in this field.

Norma Bargary

Name and Title: Norma Bargary
Professor of Data Science & Statistical Learning, University of Limerick

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Description: As a Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, co-director of MACSI research centre, and UL vice-Director of the SFI Centre for Research Training in Foundations of Data Science, my research focuses on the development of new statistical models and algorithms for large-scale data measured using state-of-the-art sensor technologies.

My work develops ‘white-box’, interpretable models that answer fundamental questions about the world around us and empower better decision-making. My particular passion for accurate communication around the conclusions drawn from data is particularly relevant these days for bolstering our faith in science, and confidence that we are making well-informed decisions.

Anya Belz

Name and Title: Anya Belz
Professor of Computer Science (Natural Language Processing) DCU.

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Description: I joined DCU’s School of Computing as Professor of Computer Science (Natural Language Processing), and the SFI ADAPT Research Centre as Science Lead in the Digital Content Transformation Strand, in May 2021. I lead the DCU-NLG research group which focuses on language models for text generation such as GPT and Bloom, and the MSc in Natural Language Processing.

“Computer Science as a field has terrible gender balance and is moreover getting worse. Non-male genders face numerous barriers to progression in their careers which increase in scale with seniority, evidenced e.g. by promotion, publication, and funding success statistics. Schemes like SALI are vital if we are to make any progress towards levelling the playing field, and it would be great to see similar schemes across all career levels.”