17 Nov 2016 - Proposal Preparation Training for ITN Call 2017

Applying to the MSCA ITN Call 2017? The Irish Marie Skłodowska-Curie Office has prepared a series of supports to assist in writing  a successful application.


A general information webinar, including information on how to frame your proposal for maximum impact was hosted on 17th November. The recorded video is available here and the slides can be downloaded below:

Training Videos

To complement the webinar, a series of short Training Videos focusing on certain sections of the ITN application are available at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL-59S0e6HfLP54GUhK3OZwfS5hFSVwUh and the associated slides can be downloaded below. The topics covered are:

  • Section 1 – Excellence
  • Section 2 – Impact
  • Section 3 – Implementation
  • Focus on Training & Supervision
  • Focus on Dissemination & Communication


An application handbook, including a full annotated template (incorporating details of common weaknesses in unfunded applications and relevant EU policies to include in your proposal) and a “how to submit” guide is available for download below.


Webinar Slides – introduction-to-itn-2017

Handbook – 2017-itn-handbook-irish-msc-office-final

Excellence Slides – itn-2017-video-general-excellence

Impact Slides – itn-2017-video-impact

Implementation Slides – itn-2017-video-implementation

Training & Supervision Slides – itn-2017-video-training-and-supervision

Dissemination & Communication Slides – itn-2017-video-dissemination-and-communication