10 Nov 2017 – Proposal Preparation Training for ITN Call 2018

Applying to the MSCA ITN Call 2018? The Irish Marie Skłodowska-Curie Office has prepared a series of supports to assist in writing  a successful application.

ITN 2018 Webinars & FAQ

A webinar providing an overview of the ITN programme and its evaluation process is available for download below.

Three webinars, covering the Excellence, Impact and Implementation sections of the proposal, are available for download below.

An FAQ document is available for download here.


ITN 2018 Handbook

An application handbook, including a full annotated template (incorporating details of common weaknesses in unfunded applications and relevant EU policies to include in your proposal) and a “how to submit” guide is available for download below.


Handbook –  Handbook –[download id=”57452″]


Video: ITN 2018 Overview and Evaluation Process:

ITN 2018 Overview and Evaluation Process (slides only): [download id=”58096″]


Video: ITN 2018 Excellence Section: 

ITN 2018 Excellence Section (slides only): [download id=”58087″]


Video: ITN 2018 Impact Section:

ITN 2018 Impact Section (slides only): [download id=”58106″]


Video: ITN 2018 Implementation & B2 sections:

ITN 2018 Implementation & B2 sections (slides only): [download id=”58109″]