IUA Governance Conference “Meeting the Challenges of a New Decade”

Successive government policies emphasize the key contribution which Universities and other third-level institutions are expected to make to the knowledge-based society and the wider economy. The various policies underline the central role occupied by Governing Authorities, Presidents and Senior Management in ensuring that those strategic needs are met, as well as the onerous accountability obligations on those tasked with the governance of our Universities.

Good governance has implications for leadership and management within Universities, the control environment and control culture, risk management arrangements, stewardship of public money and ultimately the achievement of expected performance outcomes.

Increasingly, Universities and individual staff need to be innovative and to seek creative opportunities and possibilities and, in the process, face risks. Good governance is also about managing that risk and exploiting the opportunities.

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Presentations on Key Governance Themes

Theme 1:

“Moving from compliance to performance” PPT or PDF

Michael Shattock, Institute of Education, University of London

Theme 2:

“Innovation and risk management within the governance agenda” PPT or PDF

Chris Horn

Theme 3:

Aligning governance and strategy with outcomes and deliverables

Thomas Estermann, European Universities Association

IPA Governance Research Paper

Research paper prepared by the Institute of Public Administration on international developments in relation to University governance

Institute of Public Administration Research Paper on University Governance