Information for Applicants 2019

IUA CEAIE Summer School- information for applicants

  • Background:

IUA CEAIE partnership: In 2017 the IUA and CEAIE entered into a partnership to further develop co-operation between the higher education system in China and in Ireland. A key strategic objective of the co-operation is the mobility of Chinese and Irish students to study in Ireland and in China. A study and work summer programme in China for Irish students is the focus of this implementation plan. Developing opportunities for Irish students to study or work abroad remains a priority for Irish universities. Our partnership with CEAIE to progress these opportunities for Irish students is greatly valued.


  • Program description and purpose:

IUA and CEAIE will jointly organize an 8 week summer program including both study and internship experiences in China, to help Irish university students to develop 21st century professional skills and provide substantive work experience to jump-start their career in today’s competitive job market.

The main benefits of this summer study/work programme are as follows

  • Develop 21st skills in students including interpersonal skills, intercultural skills and language skills,
  • Personal development, opportunity to travel, experience new cultures, food and perspectives,
  • Employment prospects: Students who study and/or abroad are considerably more attractive to employers as they develop a better understanding of local and global cultures and economies and how they are interconnected.


  • Program summary

Duration: 3 week in country language study + 5 week internship at a local or international company

Location: Beijing for summer 2018. Beijing Normal University Beijing


  • Mandarin courses in Chinese university
  • Internship placement in a reputable company
  • In-campus Accommodation during the program
  • Cultural and Business classes
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Orientation and Departure program
  • Cultural activities
  • 24/7 emergency contact and on the ground support
  • Peer Support / mentor
  • Letter of support for Visa purposes


  • Meals and personal expenses
  • Flights and transportation in country
  • Medical/ Travel Insurance (Please note medical insurance is compulsory for the program) *Travel insurance should be sufficient for short-term programs.
  • Visa Fees and Processing

4)           Applicant eligibility & selection criteria:

  • Applicant is aged 18 or above;
  • Applicant should be enrolled in a relevant course at or recently graduated from a Irish Higher Education Provider in either an undergraduate or postgraduate course;
  • Proficient in both spoken and written English. (Proficiency in Mandarin is not required.)
  • Applicant will be able to undertake Chinese language study at University of International Business and Economics
  • Applicant will be able to undertake a relevant internship in an organisation nominated by CEAIE, for no less than 5 weeks;
  • Applicant can demonstrate how the internship and the language study will support their future career path;
  • Applicant can illustrate how their skills will benefit their company or organisation;
  • Using examples, applicant can demonstrate that he/she is effective confident, independent person;
  • Applicant has a demonstrated understanding of cultural sensitivities and that they can thrive and adapt in a foreign environment;

5)           Cost:

-Program Fee: RMB 18000 for 2 month program

Discipline areas:

Applications are welcome from any discipline area

6)           Application process:

The scholarship application process will be managed by the IUA in consultation with CEAIE. Following a competitive process based on a call for applications from individual applicants who are studying in Irish Universities, the IUA and CEAIE will approve a defined number of scholarships under the scheme to successful applicants.

The IUA summer work/study scholarship will be awarded to high calibre students who are currently studying or who graduated in 2017 from a bachelor or postgraduate programme in an Irish University. The following terms and conditions apply;

               The IUA will award a scholarship fund to the student amounting to €1,000 for an 8 week summer study work programme. The fund is directed at covering flight and settling in costs.

               It is expected that a total of 10 scholarship will be awarded for the summer work/study programme in 2018

Scholarships may be approved for study/work across all disciplines

               Applications are welcome from traditionally under represented cohorts of students

               Unsuccessful applicants will receive feedback on their application

               Successful applicants are to commence studies in June 2019

               Successful applicants will be required to attend a welcome event in Beijing hosted by the University, CEAIE and IUA

8)           Evaluation Criteria

Eligible applicants are invited to submit applications to the IUA via the official application process on the IUA website. A marking system (total 100 marks) is part of the process with the relevant scores shown in brackets after the key selection criteria.

The applications must cover the following, as requested in the application form:

  • Academic qualifications, achievements and/or work experience (40 marks)
  • Personal Statement (45 marks). Applicants will be required to demonstrate:
  1. how the internship and the language study programme will support the applicants future career path; (15 marks);
  2. Using examples, the applicant will demonstrate that he/she is an effective, confident and independent person; (5 marks);
  3. Using examples the applicant will demonstrate an understanding of cultural sensitivities and that they can thrive and adapt in a foreign environment; (10 marks)
  4. the extent to which they have a long-term interest in China and how they will promote links with Ireland during their time as Scholars, and also after as Alumni (15 marks).

Two references (15 marks)

9)           Assessment Process:

The CEAIE and IUA will establish an assessment panel to evaluate the applications received.

All applications will be assessed solely on the basis of the material provided to the IUA at the time of submission;

Applications will first be reviewed by the CEAIE and IUA for eligibility;

Applications will then be sent to the assessment panel for evaluation;

The Assessment Panel members will allocate scores as per the evaluation criteria detailed above. Applicants are advised to familiarise themselves fully with the evaluation criteria prior to making an application to the scheme;

Each Assessment Panel member will submit their independent evaluation prior to coming together to discuss the ranked list of applications. The Assessment Panel will then arrive at an overall judgement of standard and make final recommendations to the CEAIE/IUA;

The CEAIE and IUA’s decision on whether to award a scholarship under this scheme is final;

Successful applicants will be contacted by email and asked to confirm uptake of the scholarship. If not the next eligible student will be offered a scholarship

10)         Submission of Applications

  • The Call for Applications will issue in March 2019
  • The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 12th April 2019 (Irish Time). Late applications will not be accepted;
  • The application should be submitted to
  • The applications should be laid out in accordance with the template application form available here;
  • Any questions regarding the call for applications should be submitted to . The answers to all questions received will be posted on the IUA website. Telephone queries cannot be accommodated;
  • IUA will advise the applicants of the outcome of the evaluation process by 25th May 2018;


Other considerations


All participants will be placed in a double room on campus with a private bathroom, air conditioner. WIFI and other necessary facilities for daily life will be provided by the host university.

Chinese Class

The Chinese class will be arranged in the first part. In each week, there will be 20 hours for the students to learn Chinese language skills and get practices. The Chinese class will focus on the listening and speaking skills. The participants will be encouraged to take HSK-1 or 2 test.

 Cultural Class

The cultural class will focus on helping participants to understand more about Chinese cultures.

Business Class

The business class will be arranged to help participants to be prepared for the internship.

 Internship Placement

The participants will be placed in local or international companies in hosting city and have internship there for the second part of the program. The participants will also be provided with necessary trainings for a better experience of internship.


  • Pre-departure session organised by IUA in collaboration with CEAIE;
  • The participants will be picked up at the airport by the hosting side on arrival day. The participants will be taken to the airport by the hosting side on departure day;
  • There will be a contact person for 24*7 emergency support for the duration of the program;
  • The participants will be provided with the certificate of the completion of program at the end;
  • Organize arrival orientation or welcome ceremony and closing ceremony for all participants.