Launch of Ireland’s Future Talent - A Charter for Irish Universities

When: Sept 17th 2017, 11am-12pm      Where: Royal College of Physicians, 6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Irish universities are central to delivering the future talent, creativity and innovation needs of the economy and society as a whole. As the sector deals with the legacy of a decade of under-investment, it now faces the dual challenge of maintaining the quality and reputation of its graduates and research work while dealing with ever-increasing student numbers.

The seven universities, under the auspices of the Irish Universities Association, have come together to develop a Charter on what’s needed to deliver on the government ambition to make the Irish education system the “best in Europe” by 2026. The six-point Charter lays down a framework for developing a sustainable Irish university system and the resources need to deliver it.

Press: IUA Official Press Release