National Higher Education Strategy

The Higher Education Strategy Report to 2030 published in January 2011 has been endorsed by the current government.

A high level Implementation Oversight Group has been appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills comprised of:

  • The Department of Education and Skills;
  • The Department of Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation;
  • The Department of Finance;
  • The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform;
  • The HEA;
  • IUA;
  • IoTI.

An implementation plan for the strategy which will be updated as the strategy rolls out is available here.

University Governance

The Higher Education Strategy forms an important context for consideration of governance issues. The overall thrust of the Strategy is to support institutional autonomy but to suggest that this should be advanced in a context which seeks greater accountability from institutions and a more systemic approach to the structure of higher education.

Minister Quinn requested that the universities consider and report to him on a number of specified governance issues. The IUA Council mandated the formation of a multi-functional working group to advise it on the matters raised by the Minister and a University Governance Report has been prepared in response to these issues.