Fellowship Host Offers

MSCA Individual Fellowships – Irish Host Institutions

Are you interested in finding a host institution and supervisor in Ireland to support an application to the MSCA Individual Fellowships (IF) 2018 call?

On the webpages at the links below, you will find details of potential host organisations in Ireland, in both the academic (Universities, Institutes of Technology, Research centres) and the non-academic sectors (companies, industry, public bodies, non-governmental organisations), who are actively looking for talented researchers to apply with them to this call.

Irish organisations have a strong record of successful Individual Fellowship applications, consistently performing above the average EU success rate in recent years. In addition, Ireland offers an attractive environment for researchers, with many academic hosts holding the EU’s “HR Excellence in Research”  award. Researchers applying with an Irish host can avail of dedicated support from the host organisation’s research office and from the Irish National Contact Point.

Please note this list is not exhaustive. If you do not see an offer which matches your interests, please contact host organisations and supervisors directly.  

Host Institutions in the Academic Sector

Host Institutions in the Non-Academic Sector

The following websites are useful for identifying hosts: